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We have been active on the food market since 2003. For the first four years, the Essence company operated as an agent of several global producers of various food additives. This was an opportunity to become familiar with our customers and suppliers and to broaden our knowledge on our product offer. Since 2007, we resolved to expand our activities and upgrade from a simple sales company to a distributor.

Our enjoyable experiences with customers and suppliers and the trust they placed in us allow us to successfully compete on the increasingly demanding food market. We can offer our customers products from the largest and most reputable global companies, leaders in the production of specific food additives such oleoresins, etheric oils, dried vegetables, concentrated and extracted plants and many others. We keep permanent stock levels for most products in order to be able to execute orders within a single day. Together with our suppliers, we constantly strive to improve the quality of products and services we offer. In 2011 we implemented HACCP and in 2012, we certified it and also introduced the ISO 22000 quality management system.

At the age of hazards posed by widely understood food chemicals and GMO products, we are looking to carve a niche in the area of natural, and only natural, food additives which are free from GMOs. We hope that the constantly growing social awareness of healthy and natural food will help stall, if not entirely stop, advances in food chemicals. We are supported by new trends on the market aiming at natural and organic food and the relevant regulations being developed. We are still developing our offer, and our objective is to achieve a strong position as a credible distributor of natural food additives, able to offer everything that is natural.

Essence is the exclusive representative of:

CONESA Conservas Vegetales de Extremadura, S.A.U.

Synthite Industries Ltd.

W. Kündig Cie AG

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